Free FB Community & In-Person Meet-Ups for Multi-Passionate Moms

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  • Prioritize your needs and focus on what lights you up

  • Challenge the status quo by establishing your new norm


✨ Explore your passions and develop business/love-hustle at your own pace. #chooseyourownpace

✨ Prioritize self-care & self-compassion like nobody’s business. #prioritizeyou

✨ Uplift and 💕 love on other fellow mamas on the same journey by celebrating her wins 🏅 and amplifying 🎤 her awesomeness (personal or professional). #IAmplifyOtherWomen

✨ Share your struggles 💔 😫😤 as a woman navigating the complexities of modern motherhood. #keepitreal

✨ Challenge 💪the status quo of what it means to be a fulfilled 💗 mama living on your own terms. #rebelmama

—— This is HOW WE ROLL ---------

👉 I drop in MONTHLY THEMES and MIND-SHIFTING truth bombs to keep your intentions primed and passion project, business, or special causes ON COURSE & in ALIGNMENT with YOUR HEART ❤️ & INTENTIONS 💜

👉 Find a free copy of the "Mama Movement Mantras" in the File Section.

‼️‼️WARNING ‼️‼️

Brace yourself for lots of compassion 💕 and tough love.


We meet locally (Blacksburg, VA) at our monthly Passion Seeker Circle meetings at the UUC. For date and time, please join our FB Community and click on “events.” To start a Passion Seeker Circle meet-up in your town, contact us. Women owned businesses are welcome to sponsor!

We also gather quarterly as Creatives and Entrepreneurs to network and support one another. If you would like to host one of these events. Let us know!

Mamas’ Night Out and casual play-dates are encouraged and easily planned in our FB group. Connect with your fellow mamas!