Energetic Alignment Session

1 hr. $54

Enjoy an energy session of clearing and healing tailored just for you. Marci uses a combination of Reiki, sound healing, and guided meditation. In-person or long distance sessions available. Sessions available to address business blocks or relationship issues. In addition to the modalities listed above, we use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), cards, crystals, and mindset coaching.

SPECIAL: For a limited time all members of our virtual “The Mama Movement” or #MotherGoddessRising groups receive one session for $36!

I wanted to let you know how helpful the reiki session was! The route the 5 stones took me on was pretty remarkable, and while I haven’t collected any yet, I absolutely intend too. I feel amazingly cleaned energetically and have stronger connection with my higher power. I am honestly amazed it was so impactful, because I wasn’t sure what to expect and don’t always have the best “buy-in” when it comes to these types of things. Despite my tendency toward skepticism I went in completely open and willing and it was just such a wonderful experience!
— Melissa

Marci truly has a gift. Our Reiki sessions have helped me clear blockages and uncover truths. I feel so at peace during our sessions and I always leave feeling refreshed, grounded, and with a new sense of clarity.
— Alyssa

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