The Journey from MAMA MOVEMENT to #MotherGoddessRising


The Mama Movement did not drift in as a gentle whisper, it was a full body jolt. It was one of those “you had to have been there moments". It was surreal; I never mentioned it to anyone because who would believe me? The message was audible. The physical sensation moved me, literally. The experience infused me with an enormous amount of heart and tenacity to stay the course while creating and sustaining TMM.”

I began gathering circles of multi-passionate moms in coffee shops and basements in October 2014. We were navigating motherhood as passionate creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and change-makers meeting up to share big ideas, trouble shoot hurdles, and ask for support.

So, through monthly in-person and online meetings and a fast growing virtual community I simply motivated and supported women to prioritize self-care and pursue their passions. I quickly set-up professional and personal development workshops to help members access the tools they needed to succeed.

However, overtime I realized navigating motherhood while pursuing a passion and prioritizing self-care was complicated. I observed some social conditioning we all shared and in addition all of us experienced sometimes suffocating overwhelm at times.

Mothers were exhausted and burned out at meetings and in the online community. Attendance at the workshops was hit or miss. And I even found it difficult to get the “go ahead” from members so that I could amplify them in the newsletter or on social media.

Eventually TMM was much more than just an ‘entrepreneur moms group.’ Full-time professionals and SAHMoms were gravitating to the group. Women felt beat-up by motherhood. Working moms felt frustrated by the lack of support. Stay-at-home-moms didn’t feel valued. And entrepreneur moms were afraid to market themselves. Recurring themes were pointing to a collective wound all women carried. In addition to that unnamed wound was a resistance to seeing it.

We needed to heal. The personal and professional development stuff just wasn’t cutting it. Members needed more. I just didn’t know how I was going to deliver it, but I was determined to figure it out…

Despite having a birds-eye view, I hit rock bottom - more than once. I invested in self-care but the void still existed. I was pursuing her passion but there was a truth I still wasn’t expressing. Years of stuffing my true desires, pleasing and accommodating those around me, and basically being an emotional doormat pushed me to. the. edge.

After the birth of my 3rd daughter, life was dark. Every effort I made to improve my life fell flat. Out of desperation, I practiced 21 days of radical gratitude - my life changed drastically. Then my husband and I separated. Seeing things clearer caused my life to spin out. I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life - all of it.

The act of taking responsibility for my personal reality was a huge shift for me. My personal escape of blaming others and being a victim due to my own self-suffering choices no longer existed. I also created boundaries and expressed my needs and what I was no longer willing to tolerate.

There was no turning back to living a life limited by my own perceptions. I spent the last part of 2017 and the entire duration of 2018 investing in my professional development and personal healing. I enrolled in multiple online courses, female entrepreneur membership communities, and worked with several coaches.

All of these deepened my knowledge in entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development, but the void was still there. See, I was searching for an answer. A remedy for the anger, frustration, and overwhelm paralyzing and sabotaging so many women in my community, including myself.

Finally, I stumbled upon an experience for female change-makers - women changing the world by stepping into their purpose. I went on a two-week pilgrimage in the U.K., worked through a 6 week online course for social entrepreneurs, and experienced weekly energetic healings and daily meditations.

As a result I discovered my “original medicine.” My intuitive abilities and healing gifts that I kept neatly hidden away for years awakened. I now clearly understand how to help women heal their past, remember who they are, and express their unique essence! I know how to help when find, ignite, and pursue their passion. I now provide an extremely unique energetic, coaching, and healing experience.

Our gifts are often buried beneath layers of cultural programming we adhere to with out even knowing. Add a traumatic event, repressed feminine energy, and the by-product of the nervous system in perpetual flight or fight mode - we end up living out a life that is not even our own. It’s a story we cling to and we let that story define us.

If we want to redefine motherhood or womanhood in a self-supportive and empowered way, we have to take personal responsibility for the victim archetype we currently embody. We have to wriggle it loose, peel off the layers that don’t belong, and make contact with the essence within that holds the blueprint for our unique path. *Energy work, meditation, and mindset are extremely supportive while making this shift and essential for maintaining your newly found personal sovereignty.*

I want women to feel grounded and confident when they express their needs, desires, or brilliant ideas. I want women to pursue their creativity or launch their business with energy and authenticity. I didn’t see this happening at TMM meetings and workshops. But I do see a profound shift after a one-on-one session with a client. There is electricity in the air at day-retreats and deep healing is happening at our weekend retreat-gatherings.

So now, with a palette designed for healing, entrepreneurship, mind-set, and energetic clearing, I’ve launched my one-on-one sessions, day-retreats, gatherings, and #MotherGoddessRising experience. My mission is to help women access their intuition, express their essence, and heal the wound holding them back.

So what’s the deal with all this “feminine energy” and goddess stuff? Feminine energy - something I previously rejected and dismissed - left me gobsmacked. I couldn’t believe I had turned away from this piece of me my entire life. I now realize feminine energy is powerful vs. naive or passive. And the “Mother Goddess” is simply embracing nature and earth energy - Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia. It’s the quickest and easiest way to connect to your divinity. We can connect to nature anytime we go outside and immediately reap the benefits.

We can embrace our feminine nature while also accepting our healthy masculine energy. It’s no longer about “work-life balance” - it never really was - it’s about coming home and balancing the male and female archetypes within and grounding our being into the abundance and nourishing love of mother earth.

When I see a woman living from the spark within her, it shines in all aspects of her life. Both her family and business benefit. Her energy is replenished instead of depleted. She is patient and receptive. When I finally collaborated with the present moment with out ruminating about the past or worrying about the future I found a peace, ease, and access to my intuition.

If you aren't pursuing something you love, you are dulling the light within you. It doesn’t matter how small or big you perceive it to be. If you don’t, your longing and resentment harden into blame and martyrdom. A woman harnessing her innate and original medicine serves from a place of power and unapologetic self-worth vs. overwhelm or anger. This is what our future needs.

I believe if you deny yourself the experience of healing and reclaiming your soul, it hurts not only you, but everyone you care about. It’s our responsibility to take back the steering wheel as mothers, women, and sisters. Picking a fight with someone or something outside of ourselves is a waste of precious energy.

I believe there is no power greater or more capable of positive impact in this world than a healed and awakened woman removed from victimhood. It starts by gratitude, going within and taking responsibility for your own healing. I’m here to help women do just that in a way that’s fun and nourishing.

I feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey. My husband and I are reunited, my special gifts are ignited, and I’m the mother I always wanted to be. I plan to serve as many women as possible by gathering us together to heal, remember, and rise above the perceptions holding us back. #mothergoddessrising. Book a free call here.

In Deep Gratitude,

Marci Radike Craig,

Founder of THE MAMA MOVEMENT and #MotherGoddessRising