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Soul Deep Healing ~ Gathering

Soul-Deep gatherings help you step into the present more fully amongst the love and support of other women. Learn how to harness your energy and access your intuition. Awaken your creativity and experience expressing it from a place of deep knowing & trust. It’s discovering your potential by healing the wounds holding you back. energetic signature and coming home to your divine feminine.

We use movement, healing art, Reiki, and ancient wisdom to heal, celebrate your soul, and ignite your creative energy. A virtual experience is included. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi



Women’s Entrepreneur ~ Retreat

Calling all female entrepreneurs, creatives, and change-makers.

Escape from “all the things” and immerse your self in your business with other like-minded women for an extended period of time. Rediscover your passion and your “why.” Learn how to create and strategize grounded in both feminine and masculine energies. Your community deserves to know about and experiecne what you have to offer and your creative power helps bring balance to the world.

Two facilitators will bridge the gap between head and heart, setting goals vs. setting intentions, working the hustle vs. allowing and receiving. Master the dance of running your business and serving your clients or community from a place of balanced energy. And once and for all shift your mindset from lack to abundance so you can serve even more people.

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